Transitioning to Tech Tales w/ Guillermo Velasquez (Klarna)

Coding for Immigrants

Tue, Jul 20, 6:00 PM (UTC)


Career Growth
Guest Speaker

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Join us for a conversation with Senior Software Engineer at Klarna, Guillermo Velasquez, as we discuss how he has made multiple transitions into different tech roles as an immigrant in the Dominican Republic and Sweden.

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βœ… Are you an immigrant looking to transition into a career in software engineering?

βœ… Are you interested in learning about how other people made this transition?

βœ… Are you not sure where to begin your journey into software engineering?

Join us for a conversation with Guillermo Velasquez, Senior Software Engineer at Klarna, as we discuss his transitions into different kinds of tech roles as an immigrant in the Dominican Republic and Sweden. We will talk about:

  1. How he got his start
  2. What he currently works with and what his day-to-day looks like
  3. His (newish)found passion for React, innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Resources he recommends to immigrants on pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones and makign this transition
  5. An open Q&A for you to ask questions

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  1. Is this event free?
    Yes! This event is free and open to everyone, everywhere 🌎
  2. Is it okay to join the event late?
    Yes! You can join the event up to 30 minutes after it begins. You may also join a few minutes early if you wish.
  3. Will someone be able to review my project/portfolio/resume?
    No, sorry, we will be focusing on broader learn to code and early career development topics to benefit everyone in a limited amount of time. But we will schedule a project/portfolio/resume review session soon.
  4. How do I access the event?
    First, RSVP. Then, come back to this page at the day and time of the event and you will see an option to join.

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Tuesday, 20 July
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT+2)


6:00 PMBrief Introductions
5:40 PMConversation
6:05 PMOpen Q&A
6:25 PMWrap Up & Say Goodbye


  • Brittany Villegas

    Founder, Co-Leader, Junior Software Engineer

  • Matt Smith

    Co-Leader, Senior Software Engineer

  • Madisen Whitfield

    Co-Leader, Software Developer