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This group is not tied to any one city, but to the U.S. East Coast time zone, representing our chapter's virtual nature and the constraint we all live in: time zones.  

From a programming perspective, the focus of this group is the use of Scrum and tools that support Scrum to develop coding projects and, keeping to the spirit of Scrum, experimentation.

This group is entirely virtual, and events will usually be scheduled for East Coast weekend mornings and afternoons and Friday evenings, which should make them accessible to members from around the world: all are welcome!


Chapter Vision

Provide Codecademy members with practical use of the Scrum framework, using coding projects proposed by Chapter members to develop this knowledge while building something the members care about. 


Alternating between demonstrations and workshops, we'll build real projects with chapter members using Scrum and tools that support Scrum. Events will happen at least twice a month. Projects will come from ideas that members have provided.

If you're looking to learn to code with a team and see what Scrum is all about, check us out!

How to Get Connected

Codecademy chapters can be found in the Codecademy Discord community.  Chapter Leads are visible by their yellow nicknames (aka handles).

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Banner image: Photo by Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash.

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