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Welcome to the Phoenix Crypto chapter! 👋 We are a community of crypto enthusiasts, ranging from beginner n00bs to CryptoKitties experts. Our mission is to advance technical and social interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, specifically the applications within Ethereum and Bitcoin market movements. We aim to encourage learning and excitement about this new space and talk about ways to get more involved.

Meeting time: twice a month usually on Thursday/Friday evenings

Meeting structure: The structure will vary, but the general layout is one technical session and one discussion-based session a month. For example, one meeting will be on the basics of coding a smart contract while the next could be a Women in Ethereum panel!

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Q: Do I have to be in Phoenix to join?

A: Absolutely not!! All of our events are virtual, so anyone from around the world is welcome to join. :) The chapter leader, Mackenzie, just happens to be based in the desert!

Q: What level of crypto knowledge do I need to join?

A: No crypto knowledge or experience required - just a willingness to learn! Our sessions create open, welcoming spaces for everyone to talk about crypto, whether you're an expert or are just curious to learn the basics.

Q: Where can I interact with the Phoenix Crypto community?

A: Our new Discord server (link above!). Feel free to introduce yourself in the #introductions channels and chat with likeminded cryptokitties. 

For any other questions or to partner with Phoenix Crypto for an event, please email us at phxcryptokitty@gmail.com!

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