Oceania Chapter


Welcome to the Australian Codecademy Chapter!

In an effort to connect as many coders together across Oceania, we have established this Chapter to ensure that study groups, collaborations on projects, and hearing from local speakers happens during our preferred timezone(s). We cover a range of interest areas and serve as a place to come together so that everyone has a chance to learn from each other while doing courses or projects. If you're interested in getting together with some like-minded individuals, regardless of your area of interest, feel free to join and hopefully learn something new!

How to Get Connected?

We are currently using the Codecademy Discord community to chat generally, with most of us sitting in the #Oceania channel. To join click on the following link: https://www.discord.com/invite/codecademy.

Additionally, the Australia Chapter has its own Discord server for anyone looking to connect with people in the Australian timezones. To join this server, click on the following link: https://discord.gg/bRfUbHbUge.

Who Should Join?

Honestly, anyone with an interest in learning! Right now we are planning on focussing on the following activities:

  • Pairing up coding buddies.
  • Holding study sessions to help keep each other motivated, or chat about what we're doing.
  • Invite people from the industry to learn more.


COVID-19 means all events will be held online; however, when restrictions ease and a couple of people in a local area wish to catch up - we can help connect you all!

Past Meetups


Code Challenges


Focussed Study Session


Contributing to Open Source


Learn Netifly Deployments and CLI & Study Session


Aidan Chumbley

Chapter Leader


Chapter Leader