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Hello and welcome to Nerds Who Code! This Chapter was created to be an inclusive place for all the nerds out there who enjoy coding or who want to learn how to code. If you like video games, anime, Pokémon, comic books, reading, crafting, or anything else that is typically deemed "nerdy," you have found your people! To be clear, we are a safe place for all nerds! It doesn't matter what your current skill level is.

Nerds Who Code is a virtual Chapter based in the United States. You can join this Chapter regardless of your location in the U.S. and the type of Codecademy membership you have (free or Pro). We host a minimum of one virtual event per month. This number can and will increase if there is enough interest from our members. Our events will vary in nature, but these are the types of events we focus on:

• networking chats
• study groups (workshops)
• portfolio projects
• codewars

This is not a complete list of events we might host. The goal behind our events is to help us network with others in our industry, improve our coding skills, and enhance our portfolio. Regardless of what your personal or professional goals are, there is something for everyone in this Chapter.

To get the most out of our Chapter, please join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/haUuvNnhTg). While we do post our events on this page, we communicate with each other in Discord.

Upcoming meetups

There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.