What is this? 

This is Codecademy's official Full-Stack Chapter. This page lists our upcoming events, including live study sessions and AMAs.

Who is this for?

Whether you’re currently taking the Full-Stack career path, already working in the industry, or just curious where to begin, join our new Full-Stack community chapter to dive into all things full-stack engineering. To become an official member and reap all the benefits, there are two steps:

Step 1: You must join this chapter by clicking the button above.


Step 2: Create a Forums account. We will directly add you to our exclusive space. Accepted members will be added once a week. No spammers allowed.

How can I join? 

Once you join, please wait up to one week to be added to our official Full Stack Chapter space in the Forums.

When do weekly study sessions happen? 

We have the following weekly study sessions, each Chapter Lead will host one:

What will I learn from weekly study sessions? 

The Chapter Leaders don't consider themselves full-stack experts; they're learning with you all. Note: Someone from Codecademy's Curriculum team will help answer questions during the session @minhzy will host.

  • These sessions provide an opportunity to do the following:
  • Keep accountable by setting goals at the beginning of a study session and checking in on your progress at the end. 
  • Find coding friends interested in full-stack engineering and work towards your goals together.
  • Learn from others at all learning levels.

Who could I message if I have questions? 

Send a DM to @minhzy, Codecademy's Head of Community and one of the Full-Stack Chapter Leads, here

Upcoming meetups



1h Study Session + Networking

Study, meet new people, network... The choice is yours :)



1h Study Session + Networking

Study, meet new people, network... The choice is yours :)

Past Events


1h Study Session + Networking


Wednesday JavaScript Group Project


1h Study Session + Networking


Study Session + Yoga

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Michael Wiltfong

Full-Stack Chapter Lead

Grace K

Full-Stack Chapter Lead

Bruno Pritsch Dec

Full-Stack Chapter Lead

Jonathan T

Head of Community

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