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Are you a learner who's looking for companions to join in on this amazing coding/programming journey?🔰 

You've stumbled upon the right chapter.

Welcome to the Focus Bytes Codecademy Chapter

This chapter is a space for all learners who are learning to code and program. We are a community where learners👩‍🎓 can just drop in, attend group focus sessions, find their companions🤼 and collaborate. You wanna go solo? No problem-o! Lone wolves🐺 are also welcome to the Chapter. 

We will be organizing group focus sessions every other week where we get together virtually, talk about what you're gonna do programming/learning wise💻 individually or in group and then embark on your own coding journey🏰 for a limited period of time and then come back and discuss if you were able to reach the goal for the focus session. Simple, right? So, let's go have FUN!

Who can join this chapter❓

This chapter is open to everyone globally🌎. This chapter is for you if

Still unsure about the chapter? (⇀‸↼)   
Just attend a session, it might help you make up your mind❕❗

Our Mission:

  1. To create a space for learners through which they’d help each other, collaborate, sync progress and grow.
  2. To create an evolving community which can adapt with the learners.
  3. To assimilate learners of all ages and learners from all around the world in an environment where they can freely talk and discuss.

And at the end of the day, always remember that,

There are 2️⃣ ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.

Happy Coding!

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