Showcase Your Projects

Nov 20, 2021, 7:00 – 8:00 PM


Feel bored learning alone? Build something cool yourself? Want to know what your peers are doing? In this collaborative event with the Codecademy Toronto Chapter, we give you a chance to present your projects and learn from others!


About this event

Toronto Chapter & Washington DC Chapter

This time we will hold a collaborated meetup! We want to bring people together and have fun. Don't miss this meetup to make new friends and get insights into high-end technologies!

What's this Meetup about?

This is a time for you to present your work! We know you spent a lot of time learning programming skills. The best way to consolidate your skills is to turn your ideas into products -- build your own projects!

So, this time we give you the stage. Bring your projects here and amaze us! Tell us what it is and what technologies you use. How did you come up with this idea? What's the most challenging part to build? We are eager to hear the story from you!

All kinds of projects are welcome, even unfinished ones. It could be a todo-list, a portfolio, a chatting app... It's your call!

Who should come?

- Experienced programmers: It's time for you to share your experience and skills with us. Tell us about your development journey and listen to feedback from audiences. You might get useful suggestions to improve your work!

- Beginners: Yes, you can learn all the "programming language grammars", but combining them together and turning them into a project/product is your ultimate goal. Try to start to build your project today and bring them to this Meetup. The more you practise the better you will become.

How to present your work?

Relax! There is no rule or template that you should follow to showcase your project. You can talk about the

- Functionalities: what's it about?

- Inspiration: why you want to build something like this?

- Technologies: what techs did you use to make it happen?

- Challenges: did you meet any problems? Did you solve it? If yes, how?

Note that different people are at different learning stages, all of us should be respective and supportive to others' work.


The event will be happening online. You will need a laptop/computer and mic to access the event. We encourage you to turn on your video throughout the event if you are comfortable! This event is about 1 h. 

Registration for this meetup is closed.
Please contact the meetup organizer for assistance.


  • Jessica Sun

    Chapter Lead

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