Focus Session #1: 60 min study group

Wed, Mar 17, 2021, 6:00 PM (CET)

3 RSVP'ed

Welcome to our very first study group meetup. Bring a project or some chapters in Codecademy and study with us. Välkommen till vår allra första träff med studiegruppen. Bestäm dig för ett projekt du vill jobba med eller några kapitel i Codecademy.

About this event

Big thanks to the New York Chapter for the idea and most of the description of the event.

This 60-minute session is structured, uninterrupted focus-time, so you can maximize study time to reach your coding goals. How a session works:

  • Join the event five minutes before the start time.
  • Introductions – Meet your peers and see what they're working on this week (5 min)
  • Focus time – This is individual focus time (45 min)
  • Wrap up and say goodbye (10 mins)

Tips for a productive session:

  • Come prepared to the session with what you’ll be working on. You'll be sharing this with the group!
  • Block out ALL possible distractions. This means: Phones, Social media, Email notifications
  • Find a quiet space to work in for the duration of the 45-minute session.


We will be hosting our live event online through Jitsi, which is a free online meeting platform. Once you RSVP for the event you will receive an invitation link in your email that will let you join the live event when it starts. The hosts will be using their camera and mics, and you are welcomed to join us. Of course, we will understand if you prefer to keep your video or mic (or both) off and just participate in the live chat. That's fine too!