Summer Study Series: Week 7/10

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Meet your coding goals this summer!

About this event

Welcome to the seventh week of the Summer Study Series! The idea is that each weekly study session, you can set a goal for yourself and tackle it in a social and supportive environment that also encourages accountability. We'll chat at the beginning, study independently for 40-45 minutes, and finish up by recapping the session.

Codecademy ND is geared toward studying data science, but participants are welcome to study any topic they'd like. Feel free to work on an independent project, study a Codecademy pathway, try out a coding challenge, or anything else that helps you meet your tech goals this summer!! 🧑‍💻🏖☀️


When will the events take place?

The Summer Study Series will occur every Tuesday at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time for 10 weeks.

Do I have to attend every event?

Nope! Feel free to join at any point. Since this is the seventh week, there are only 4 more events left to attend! 

 Do I have to be affiliated with the University of Notre Dame?

Nope! Since all of the events are virtual on Zoom, anyone is welcome to attend the event and join the chapter.


Tuesday, Jul 20
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)