September Study Session + Catch Up

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About this event

Join me on September 29th for another study session! Chapter members will also have the chance to catch up with each other from the conclusion of the summer study series.

Codecademy ND is geared toward data science, but what you specifically work on during the 40-minute work period is up to you. The session is guided by timeframe, but not by subject. We'll be sharing individual goals at the beginning of the meet-up to ensure that everyone has a plan, whether that be working through a Codecademy Pathway, studying from a different source, tackling a school assignment, working on a personal project, or something else. 🧑‍💻☕️

Our chapter is targeted towards brand-new or beginning coders at Notre Dame, but people of all skill levels and from anywhere are welcome to come and study something new! 


Wednesday, Sep 29
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)