Landing Your First Tech Internship

Sat, Aug 21, 2021, 1:30 PM (EDT)

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Frustrated about landing an Internship? Cannot find your direction in Tech? No worries! We will answer all of your questions this time!

About this event

what we will cover: 

1.  Landing an internship from 0 to 100 - starting with no experience. 

    Want to start your journey in Tech but feel overwhelmed by all kinds of information? Want to get an internship but don't know where to start? Don't worry, you have you covered this time! Our speaker will share her experience about how she landed an intern at IBM without experience. 

2. Inside an internship at IBM.

    What does an internship do? What's daily life looks like in IBM? What to expect in your internship? Our speaker just ended her 16-month-long internship at IBM, she has lots of to tell us. 

3. Staying motivated in Computer Science + how to overcome imposter syndrome. 

    Lost your passion in Tech? Feeling uncertain about your future? We all have that moment. We have some tips for you to stay motivated and overcome your imposter syndrome.

4. Bonus: Women in tech. 

    Are engineers' jobs only for men? Of course not! But sometimes you feel lonely as a girl in Tech? Come and join this meetup to make friends and connect! We welcome all kinds of people, especially girls who feel unconfident about themselves. Remember, you always have your community at your back. 

About the speaker:

Nikita Patel is entering her 4th year at Western University, where she is pursuing an Honours Specialization in Computer Science and a Minor in Genetics. She is just wrapping up her 16-month-long Back End Developer Internship at IBM. Welcome to this meetup and chat with her!


The event will be happening on Zoom. You will need a laptop/computer and mic to access the event. We encourage you to turn on your video throughout the event if you are comfortable!