How to Get Into the Tech Industry

Sat, Dec 18, 2021, 2:00 PM (EST)

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Are you a self-taught programmer? Have a ton of questions about career transfer? We have speakers who have first-hand experience this time. Come to this meetup and talk to us!

About this event

What's this Meetup about?

We want to host this event as a question answering meetup. We notice that there is a trend that people want to switch their careers to the tech industry, and there are more and more self-taught programmers on the market. Are you one of those? If yes, this meetup is tailored for you! :)

How long does it take to land a job? What kind of resource I should use to educate myself? What should I expect during a technical interview? You must have thousands of questions in your mind. Let us demystify them for you. 

This meetup is hosted by speakers who have personal career switching experience. Speakers will give a brief introduction about themselves and then be open to any questions you have. 

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About the Speakers

Dailey Kaze

Dailey got her first job as a full-stack developer immediately after graduating from a Bootcamp. She is now pursuing her second job in tech. 

Shiqi He

Shiqi is Ottawa based Software Engineer. She is a self-taught programmer and successfully landed a job without work experience or a CS degree.  She enjoys Yoga and travel. 


The event will be happening online. You will need a laptop/computer and mic to access the event. We encourage you to turn on your video throughout the event if you are comfortable! This event is about 1 h.