How to Become a Good Leader?

Thu, Oct 28, 2021, 6:00 PM (EDT)

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Just like you want to have a good manager, you want to become a good one yourself. A good manager provides guidance, wisdom and mentorship. In this meetup, we will talk about how to manage up and become the leader you want to have. If you are an interviewee now, this is a chance for you to discover what a manager wants from you!

About this event

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What We Will Cover:

1. How to be a good leader

Leadership is about empowering others but it all starts with yourself. What are the main traits of a good leader? How can I help others succeed?

2. How to interview and hire people?

Hiring is one of the important aspects that you will come across in your career. Do you hire without bias? What is culture fit? How much emphasis do you put on technical questions vs behavioural questions? 

3. Healthy conflict

In a career, we are exposed to conflict, but what is healthy conflict? How can you come to a resolution when you encounter different points of view? What are some tools that you can use to help facilitate a discussion?

4. Mentorship

Leadership is about giving back and mentorship is one of the most effective tools for a leader. How do you start your first mentorship? How can I create a mentorship community in my company?

Come to this meetup to learn how to be a better leader and let's learn together!

About the Speaker

Gonzalo Vazquez is a Toronto-based Software Architect. With over 10 years of experience in software development, he has worked at banking, telecommunications, startups and insurance companies. Come chat with Gonzalo about what it means to be a good leader.


The event will be happening online. You will need a laptop/computer and mic to access the event. We encourage you to turn on your video throughout the event if you are comfortable! This event is 1 h and 15 min. 

Who is welcomed?

Everybody! No matter you are a senior software engineer, a junior one, or someone who is planning to step into the Tech industry, you are welcomed here! Knowing how to become a good leader is an important soft skill to you!