What Is A Coding Career? Episode 1 - Career Paths In Tech

St. Louis
Tue, May 25, 6:00 PM (CDT)

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About this event

“What Is A Coding Career?” will be a series covering what your options and opportunities are after you’re armed with your new coding skills you learned on Codecademy! This first episode will be a brief overview of each major career path in software development. Every following episode in this series will be focusing on one particular career track more in-depth, including a presentation and Q&A with someone in that career. This series will run once a month!

This first episode will give the best picture of what the software career landscape looks like overall. I will start with a presentation on each career path; this will cover the general idea of most of the duties each job focuses on, which programming languages each might commonly use, and a range of salaries for each. After this, I am happy to announce that our first guest speaker, Loren Carvalho, will be telling us the story of his own career with a non-traditional start. This will be an encouraging tale for anyone worried that their lack of a formal education in coding will hold them back!

The agenda (ish):

6:00pm (CST) - Introduction and presentation of career options

6:15pm - Guest speaker Loren Carvalho

6:30pm - Questions and networking