Intro to Smart Contracts Using Solidity

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Wed, Jul 14, 2021, 9:00 PM (CST)

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👋 Hi Chainers: Can tech enforce rules?

About this event

Who is this event for? Beginners, Current Non-Blockchain Developers and the Curious

What are smart contracts: Computer code based on rules which determine how parties can interact with each other.

Where are smart contracts? The code is stored and executed on the blockchain

How do smart contracts work? They work by facilitating, verifying, and enforcing the negotiation of a transaction or an agreement.

Still Curious?  Join us to get an introduction to smart contracts using Solidity.

What is Solidity? A contract aligned language used for developing smart contracts.

What else should I know about solidity?  It was influenced by C++, Python, JavaScript and is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Facts about smart contracts:
                 🕶They remove the human factor.
                 🕶They send, receive, store and transmit.
                 🕶They cannot be modified once deployed 

Where can I learn more about Ethereum? Visit the Ethereum Foundation

What other networks support smart contracts? Cardano, Tezos, EOS and Tron 

A few examples of Smart Contracts in the Real World

👛dApps (decentralised finance)-Maker Dao, Uniswap, Crowdfunding Platforms
👛Supply Chain-Pharmaceuticals, Food, etc

Meet the Trainer: Etienne Okeke

A cybernaut with great interest in Finance, Computers, and Marketing. He possesses relevant professional experience gained as a team lead blockchain developer, working with blockchains such as Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ardor, Tron, Binance Chain, Waves, Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain etc. Having worked on both local and international projects, he acquired valuable insights in building and integrating blockchain solutions for large co-operates, SMEs, start-ups and government institutions.  He is currently working as a Blockchain Engineer at Sterling Bank PLC, he specialises in management, collateralization and tokenisation of Assets and Commodities.

N.B. The Shanghai Blockchain Community is a blockchain agnostic community and we do not support or promote any particular chain/network in the ecosystem. We are here to amplify your learning experience by exposing you to all chains, subjects and topics under the blockchain umbrella. We love it all! ♥️♥️

See you online in July for our interactive session! 

In Blockchain We TRUST....


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