Projects for Educators | 30 mins

May 21, 2022, 2:00 – 2:30 AM


Let's talk coding and education management.


About this event

*** 한국어로 말해주세요 👋 [Talk to me in Korean if you like!]

As some of you who have attended previous meet-ups may already know - I am a teacher by day. In this meet-up, I would like to talk about coding projects specifically for educators [teachers, instructors, trainers] and get into projects relating to education management that I have been working on.

My students range in ages 5-15 and the presentation will reflect that; however, I will make an effort to include a few notes on adult learners (seeing as I am one, myself). 

The agenda will cover the following - 

1. Projects for educators (productivity, reports, tracking attendance, getting admin bits & bobs done)
2. Projects for students (gamification of learning, retention of learnt concepts)
3. Projects for parents/stakeholders (student reports, tracking progress)
4. Personal passion projects 


🔖 How much is this meetup? This is a free meetup hosted by a fellow learner.

📑 Do I have to be a PRO member to participate? You don't have to have a PRO account but you may need a free Codecademy account to sign on to the meet-up.

📖 What if I'm late? You can join after the event has started. No stress. You can also check in a few minutes early for a chat. 

🗣 Do I have to actively be involved? You can keep your camera and mic off or on - completely up to you. Just watching is fine too.

🎥 Will this meet-up be recorded? Yes, the presentation bit will be recorded.

🧾 I have something to share with you. Any questions or suggestions, get in touch directly below via the Contact Us button below ⬇️, via the Contact Us button on the Codecademy Seoul main page or this anonymous Google feedback form. 

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Saturday, May 21, 2022
2:00 AM – 2:30 AM UTC


2:00 AMIntro & Agenda
2:10 AMProjects for Educators
2:30 AMWrap-up


  • Laura Nikulski

    Chapter Leader

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