JavaScript Projects for Beginners | Community Showcase | 45 mins

May 22, 2021, 9:00 – 9:45 AM


This is a short but sweet community-centered event, starting out with some live coding (vanilla JavaScript stopwatch) to code along with on your own computer, followed by attendees sharing their own projects.

Web Development

About this event

You may find this meetup useful if: 

👾 you're currently learning web dev (backend/frontend)

👾 you'd like to get more hands-on with JavaScript but are finding it hard to get started

👾 you'd like to get started with JS projects of your own, particularly if you'd like to go off platform 

👾 you wish to connect with your fellow learners 

For this meetup, following introductions, we will start out by looking at a stopwatch project - inspiration gleaned from this YouTube video. 

Next, I would like to hear more from you, and I encourage you to tell us a little more about your own project - maybe even screen share, if you're comfortable. 

You may choose: 

🧿 a project you completed on Codecademy 

🧿 a project from freeCodeCamp 

🧿 a project from Vanilla JavaScript Projects 

🧿 ... or, choose your own! 

This is a free meetup hosted by a fellow learner. 

Any questions, get in touch here via the Contact Us form. 

About the Seoul Chapter 

📅 When - at least 1 x a month

📚 How - study group

💻 What - web development (frontend, backend)

🦾 Why - Connect with like-minded learners and support one another along the way

🐣 Who - People new to coding, active learners (beginner & intermediate levels)

🔌 Get in touch - Meet us on Codecademy Discord Asia

This chapter is mainly geared towards beginners who want to engage a little more with the local coding community and support one another along the way, whatever your path may be, though of course people of all skill levels are welcome to join. If you're a beginner, in particular, let's take coding from theoretical to practical & help each other make the transition from studying to the real world!

This chapter is starting out as a fun & focussed study group while looking to diversify the range of events going forward. Do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to present, discuss, or talk about a certain issue. Featured attendees welcome.

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Saturday, May 22, 2021
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM UTC


Intro & Networking
Live coding - how to create a stopwatch in vanilla JS
Tell us about your project!


  • Laura Nikulski

    Chapter Leader

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