Analyse your own WhatsApp Chat Data [Boilerplate Starter Code included]

May 31, 7:00 – 8:00 AM


This meet-up is for you if you would like to delve deeper into the insights your own WhatsApp chats can provide.

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About this event

Your personal WhatsApp chats can be used to gather insights and gain an understanding of NLP (natural language processing) concepts. This meet-up is inspired by Codecademy's Text Message Analysis Project and will utilise topic modelling and sentiment analysis alongside simple visualisations to help make sense of your own chat data. 

Topics covered will include: 
  • data preprocessing
  • sentiment analysis 
  • LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation), a Bayesian network used for topic modelling

If you would like to actively participate during this workshop and code along - though watching is ok too -, please follow these steps to prepare: 

  1. Download the WhatsApp chat of your choice by selecting and opening the chat > clicking the chat profile > export chat > saving and sending it to your local machine. 
  2. Create a folder that will contain your code (in my case, a Jupyter notebook that I run locally on VS Code) and your chat data. 
  3. Read in your chat data, install and import any libraries you may need >>using this boilerplate code<< to help you get started. Feel free to get cracking and bring your results to the meet-up! 
  4. At the end of the meetup, you should have a better sense of what emotions prevail and what topics you are most likely to talk about in your chats. πŸŽ‰


Image for reference - here's how to grab your own chat data: 

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  • Laura Nikulski

    Chapter Leader

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