Let's build CSS project Olivia Woodruff Portfolio

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About this event

Project 3: Olivia Woodruff Portfolio

Hi there, are you learning CSS? Like HTML, on a fundamental level, CSS is also easy to learn. Codecademy created realistic projects to teach you how to apply what you’re learning in a hands-on, practical way. Completing projects will help you solidify your learning.

In this event, we will talk about the Fundamentals of CSS. Then we will together build a simple Portfolio page which is called Olivia Woodruff Portfolio. There we will apply our CSS knowledge.

Join our virtual meetup and build the project together.


  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Create a free account on replit.com, or you can use any text editor like Sublime Text, Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code


Friday, Aug 13
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (+06)