Learner Story: How I Went from Medical Doctor to Data Engineer in 3 Years

May 20, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


Learn how a doctor managed her career transition to data engineering!

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About this event

Join us for an inspiring session featuring Santiago Caraballo, who transitioned from a career in medicine to becoming a successful data engineer. Santi will share his personal journey, starting from their days as a medical doctor to discovering programming tools like Rstudio and Python during their med school years. Hear how he found resources like Codecademy to learn Python for free and how this hobby evolved into a passion for tech, especially during the challenging times of COVID in Latin America.

About Santi: Based in Argentina. Rocket curiosity to learn and understand how to learn. I have an awesome partner in my life, Laura and three beautiful children. We used to be medical doctors and we switched careers to IT looking forward to be closer to our kids and family. Work life balance is the new black.

Discover the resilience and determination that led Santi to navigate the demanding healthcare industry while balancing family responsibilities. Gain insights into his career shift, the challenges faced, and the opportunities seized, offering valuable lessons for anyone considering a career transition or looking to thrive in the tech world amidst adversity.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Santi's experiences and find inspiration for your own career journey!


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