Nerds Who Code: Python Workshop for Beginners

Nerds Who Code
Mon, Jun 13, 10:00 AM (CDT)

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About this event

Nerds Who Code is an inclusive place for all the nerds out there who enjoy coding or who want to learn how to code. If you like video games, anime, Pokémon, comic books, reading, or anything else that is typically deemed "nerdy," you have found your people!

This event is our first study session in our Python workshop for beginners. You don't need any prior knowledge of Python (or any other language) to participate. We will be working through Codecademy's Python 3 Pro course together. If you have a Codecademy Pro membership, you will be able to follow along and earn your certificate with us. If you don't have a Codecademy Pro membership, you can still follow along with us and use your favorite IDE to code with!

This event is intended for Nerds Who Code chapter members. More info is in our Discord. Hope to see you there!