MK Chapter #24 User Authentication

Milton Keynes
Wed, Nov 17, 2021, 5:30 PM (GMT)

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User Authentication, JWT's, Signing, Encryption and Role-based permissions.

About this event

During our last meeting, we reviewed our count-down project with a focus on Front and Backend. We identified that the backend was still a bit of a mystery to us all and tried to break down the architecture of a Web Apps backend in the hope that we could begin the journey towards full-stack knowledge. 

As a group, we were pretty evenly split 50/50 with half wanting to build off their Python knowledge using flask and the other half thinking express and Node was their ticket to the Full-Stack. 

Our Python team had the head start and pushed the envelope suggesting that the most important next step for us all would be to understand user authentication in either technology. We agreed to swarm on this subject bringing our findings to the next meeting.