#29 MK_Chapter Architecting the backend for our Voting App / Take 2

Milton Keynes
Wed, Feb 2, 2022, 5:30 PM (GMT)

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What is the best stack to put together your first full stack app? MK_Chapter is not a location specific group, all are welcome.

About this event

We had some no shows last week we are not making enough noise the week of the event and technical problems. With every fortnight we get closer to being able to have the full stack application conversation with more clarity and certainty. 

One of our members put together a simple Javascript app using the brief, which was to collect the answer to only one question: 

Will you be attending the next meeting?

Team Python are also creeping towards a place in their knowledge where they will be able to share some of the progress they have made.

We are all getting closer with every meeting, come and discuss the complexity, uncurtainty and effort of putting together a full stack voting App with us.

Python, Flask, SqlLite3, FlaskSQLAlchemy

Javascript, React, Node, Express, SqlLite3