#25 Designing A Voting App database model

Milton Keynes
Wed, Dec 1, 2021, 5:30 PM (GMT)

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About this event

In our last Chapter Meetup, we had a run-through of the backend created for the count-down timer app

Inspired by a better understanding of the pieces that belong in the backend we are hoping to slow it down again one more notch and walk through the backend components of an App over a series of meetups. (We will all likely burn out after the next meetup and show back up in January so this is a good meetup to attend)

What has become very clear from reading both front and backend content is that designing an app often starts with a database model. We will therefore have a good chat about what as a group we might benefit from voting on. The agile framework teaches us that estimation which is a voting type activity should be based on Complexity, Uncertainty and Effort. I am proposing that we break down some of the technologies and subject areas by team member, so we can keep track of our perception of how complex some of the tasks we are trying to learn will be, how uncertain we are in terms of knowledge we are missing and our anticipated effort in becoming knowledgeable. 

member: "Richard",

complexity: "2",

uncurtainty: "3",

effort: "3"

MK_Chapter is not a location-specific group, all are welcome, all skill levels welcome, all technologies welcome. in Summary, you are all just welcome.