Cosmic Consistency: AMA with Astrophysicist George Bell on Mastering Study Habits

Jan 17, 6:00 – 7:00 PM


Master your study habits. Achieve your goals.

About this event

Begin your New Year on a celestial journey of knowledge with George Bell, astrophysicist extraordinaire, who has not only delved into the mysteries of the cosmos but also maintained an eight-year (3.1k_+) streak on Codecademy. In this unique Ask Me Anything (AMA) event, George will share his secrets to success, shedding light on how he cultivated consistent study habits to conquer the realms of Python, SQL, and Jupyter Notebook.

What's in Store:

  • Astrophysics meets Coding: Explore the fascinating intersection of astrophysics and coding as George recounts his journey through the Codecademy universe.
  • Study Strategies from the Stars: Learn the methodologies and study habits that have propelled George to an eight-year streak, empowering you to reach new heights in your own educational endeavors.
  • Interstellar Q&A: Pose your questions to George in a cosmic Q&A session, where he'll provide tailored advice on coding, astrophysics, and building a lasting streak of success.
  • Community of Explorers: Connect with fellow learners, coding enthusiasts, and aspiring astrophysicists in a community that fosters shared passions and aspirations.

Unleash the power of consistent study habits with an astrophysicist who has navigated the cosmos and the Codecademy galaxy. Join us for an AMA that transcends earthly boundaries and propels you toward your educational goals!

How to Join:

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  2. Make sure to have your Codecademy account ready.
  3. Show up with a goal in mind, enthusiasm, questions, and a willingness to learn!

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