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Feb 23, 2022, 11:00 – 11:30 AM


Hello FOXI'S, Yap from now your name is not a student but you are one of FOXI'S community. We feel that you have not felt welcome on your campus yet, so we are preparing a meet-up for you to let you feel as you are with your family. We are waiting for you.

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About this event


HI little Foxi, we will be happy if you join us because working in a team is the most efficient thing in working. Why do you learn alone? If you learn alone maybe you will be bored and not complete your plan. Let's join each other and learn as a team. We will help you and you just need to suggest to us what you want to do in our community. We hope that our community will be entertaining and valuable. join now

About Event 

After all of that, we have heard some sounds about you being upset because you didn't have a welcome party yet! So, we decided that the first event should be a party for you to say to you we are happy about being here. We have some activities for you. We hope that it will be a wonderful day and I hope that it will be a special day for you. At this event, you will know some info like "what is FOXI chapter, what activities will happen this semester, how you will join us, how you will prepare for our events and so. 


  1. welcome music. 
  2. intro us. 
  3. information about future events.
  4. some games.
  5. Q&A
  6. outro event
  7. Goodbye music.

Why is it a significant day to join?

It's a chance for you to let others know you. You will know how you can join us and be part of our community. You should know that the first day is one of the most important days in the semester because it is the first step to be how you will start a great semester.

We hope that we make a good welcome to you because we are interested in you being happy with us. 


First, you will not miss our activities, then you will be having some info about our community. We will be announcing a free job you will join and to be part of our community. After that you will find one of our organizers, you are free to ask him/her any question you have about anything and if they have an answer, they will tell you if they do not have an answer or your question will be answered in the event, you should wait. "Part of our event is Q&A"

If we don't see you, you can't join our core team.

How will you join?

You can get your ticket and go to building G1. Of Course, all of that after doing your advising and signing up for your course's semester. We will be waiting for you! 

Registration for this meetup is closed.
Please contact the meetup organizer for assistance.


intro event
future events


  • ahmed emad

    King Salman International University



  • Ahmed Emad El-Dein


    Chapter Leader-Founder

  • Mohamed Madkour



  • Khaled Refay


  • Yahia Farag



  • Mahmoud Atyea


    CO Founder-Software engineer

  • Alaa Ayman

    King Salman International University

    Co Founder

  • Toqa Elawad

    King Salman

    Graphic designer

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