Interview with a Self-Taught Developer

Tue, Jun 15, 2021, 7:00 PM (EDT)

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Join us for a conversation with Rob Meyer, a senior developer at Autobooks, about his self-taught learn to code journey.

About this event

🤓 Are you currently learning to code on your own?
👨‍🎓 Do you ask yourself if it's possible to get a tech job without a computer science degree or code boot camp certificate?
😎 Have you ever wondered how to go from code noob to dev guru?

📞 Join us for a conversation with Rob Meyer, a senior developer at Detroit-based software startup, Autobooks. Rob is a self-taught developer who will discuss tooling, study strategies, job applications, and more with Detroit chapter leader, Julia David.

❔ Got a question for Rob? Send it to Julia before 📅 June 13 📅 and we will add as many of your questions as we can.
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     💻 DM JuliaAB#7516 (Julia - Detroit Chapter Leader) through the Codecademy Discord server 
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Is this event free? Yes! This event is free 🤑 and open to everyone, everywhere 🌎
Is it ok to join the event late? Yes! You can join the event up to 30 minutes after it begins. ⌚ You may also join a few minutes early if you wish.
Will someone be able to review my project/portfolio/resume? No, sorry, we will be focusing on broader learn to code and early career development topics to benefit everyone in a limited amount of time.
How do I access the event? First, RSVP. Then, come back to this page at the day and time of the event and you will see an option to join.