Australian Study Session - Ask Any Question! | 30 minutes

Oceania Chapter

Monday, September 27, 2021, 8:30 – 9:00 AM UTC


Welcome one and all! This session is our fortnightly study session (general) where anyone can come along and talk about the progress you've made in the recent fortnightly. This is a chance to discuss any questions or problems you're having with a particular project or topic.

About this event

This Study Session is our first session for the Chapter and we're looking forward to continuing to hold these more frequently!

If you're interested in attending the session, please RSVP so that you are sent a meeting invite to come along. In particular, while we can discuss a broad set of topics, if you're interested in speaking about one or more topics specifically - reach out via the #Oceania channel in the Codecademy Discord channel so that others can take a look. 

Finally, if you're doing any coding outside of Codecademy and you'd like to share with the group - we are welcoming of discussing these too!

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