Python & Pandas: Getting started with Data Visualization | Code Along | 60 mins

Sat, Sep 25, 2021, 10:00 AM (WAT)

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Codecademy Abuja x Codecademy Seoul - This meet-up collab will introduce you to data visualization and going off-platform. Using real-life data (crime stats in NYC), we will use Jupyter Notebooks to inspect our DataFrames and plot the resulting data. 📉

About this event

In this meet-up collaboration (Codecademy Abuja x Codecademy Seoul), we will take you through your first steps towards data visualization using real-life data. We will conclude with a surprise giveaway at the end, courtesy of Codecademy Abuja.

This beginner level meet-up may be of interest if you are keen on taking off the training wheels for a bit and put to use what you have learnt, hands-on. You may enjoy attending if you are currently interested in any of the following:

- Python

- Pandas

- Data Science

- Data Analysis

- Data visualization in a broad sense

If you would like to follow along on your own computer, here's what you'll need:

Step 1.

Historical New York City Crime Data 2000-2020 as a CSV file (converted from Excel via NYC gov crime stats): You can download the CSV file here.

Step 2.

Install Anaconda Navigator on your computer so you can run Jupyter Notebooks: Check out comprehensive guide by Codecademy here. Don't forget to set your environment to Python.

Step 3.

Install and run Pandas on Jupyter Notebooks: Anaconda (parent company) put together a great guide here.

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