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This chapter aims to build a community of educators that are developing subject specific programming activities that fit into current high-school curricula, to model the many uses of computation in academia. These lessons might focus entirely on concepts from a single discipline and form the basis of an integrated approach to technology education at a school. Alternatively, they may fit into interdisciplinary units. 

In subject specific programming activities,  learning to code is a product of the learning but it is not the sole purpose of the activity. Rather, we are interested in developing activities that teach ideas and concepts within our discipline and that encourage students to apply computational and creative thinking to develop programmable solutions to complex problems. Examples of these might include:

This chapter will provide a space for you to share your ideas, innovations and workarounds for using a programming language to teach an idea or concept. It will also give you access to a community of ‘Teacher coders’ to connect with for feedback or support on your projects as you develop them.

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