My Favorite Tech YouTubers

Do you spend too much time on YouTube? What if you could add in some educational material to your feed and consider your time on YouTube a little more productive?

I'm going to share some of my favorite tech YouTubers with you!

Bukola - The Come Up - Bukola has lots of videos talking about how she became a developer without a computer science degree. She also has tons of practical tutorials for Python, working with APIs, etc. I love her non-tech videos as well, which are about productivity and finance. She is really up front about all things money. 🤑

Tiff in Tech - Tiff creates videos about the the technical learning process, job hunting, and interviewing. She used to be a model 👱‍♀️ and also has some cool wellness content.

CodingWithChandler - Chandler has really specific tutorials on Java and JavaScript.

Detroit Codecademy - Okay, this one is a shameless plug, but I've started recording and uploading some of the Detroit Codecademy Chapter events to YouTube. Check 'em out!

What do all of these tech YouTubers have in common? 🤔

All of them are women! If you are a woman in tech, aspiring to be one, or supportive of them, check out the Codecademy Women in Tech event, live on YouTube! I'll be on the panel, speaking with Codecademy community leaders and Codecademy engineers.