Meet the Codecademy Toronto Chapter

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  • Who we are
  • What are Chapters?
  • Goal & Vision
  • Who can join
  • About the Chapter Leader
  • Get involved


Who we are

We’re a student-led community engaging others in the fundamentals of programming and development!

We aim to create a community of people excited in collaborating, sharing and learning new skills in development! We do this in the form of workshops, monthly meetups and projects!

As well, we are the first Canadian Codecademy Chapter!


What are Chapters?

Image: Codecademy Chapters in North America [Source:]

Chapters are a new initiative by Codecademy that aims to bring Codecademy and their community of learners together!

Learning online can be isolating so through this feature, Codecademy hopes to make learning a lot less lonely

You can check out all the various chapters that exist globally here:


Goal & Vision

Here is the general goal and vision I have for the Toronto Chapter. The aim is to continuously update and revise our goal & vision as the Chapter grows and develops!

Goal: Create a community of various ages, backgrounds and skill levels that feel empowered and welcome to learn together. 

Vision: We aim to include so we don’t exclude anyone who wishes to be a part. No matter what level you are at in your career, we want to ensure you feel prepared and confident with the development skills to further your career!

How we can achieve this:

  • Continuously host monthly initiatives that are free and welcome to everyone to be a part
  • Always gather feedback and new ideas from members in events, workshops or projects the Chapter hosts
  • Reflect on the community’s priorities at that moment and create initiatives that support it


Who can join

Image: Codecademy Toronto Chapter Homepage

We welcome all ages, majors, backgrounds and skill levels to join!

We’re open to anyone in Toronto and/or Canada who want to join but we’re always open to members globally!

If you’d like to join, click the “Join Us” button at our community homepage here:


About the Chapter Leader

Hello my name is Chloe!

I’m a current engineering student in Toronto and I enjoy learning and engaging in development! (I’m also the one writing this post :O)

Image: Picture of Chloe - Chapter Leader

I’m the current Chapter Leader here and I’m excited to connect with the wonderful community Codecademy has! 

Fun fact: I’ve been learning on Codecademy for over 3 years (Over 1000+ days!) and it was the first place I learnt to program! Now I get to use the skills I learnt on the platform to my everyday life in school and personal projects!

If you'd like to connect, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin


Get Involved

Stay connected with the Chapter through our social media and Toronto Discord channel in the Codecademy Community Server below:

Join us in Discord:
Instagram: @codecademytoronto

As well, we’re always looking to support new projects you may be working on! If you have any suggestions or ideas for our Chapter, please fill out this Feedback & Suggestion Form below

Form link:

Hope to see you at one of our next events!