Crypto Courier #4

Hey crypto enthusiasts! Welcome to Crypto Courier #4, the monthly newsletter of the Phoenix Crypto chapter. In this series, I'll be sharing upcoming meetup details, recaps of previous meetings and snazzy snippets of news from the Cryptoverse. I can't believe we've had six successful meetups already and built a global community of crypto kitties from Shanghai to Israel. And thanks to Will, leader of the Albuquerque Chapter, Phoenix Crypto has a new logo and cover. Crypto to the moon!

March 2021 🍀


Photo Courtesy of Unstoppable Domains

Get ready for a zesty, educational March! On March 11, I'm streaming a deep dive on crypto hardware wallets and how to transfer your crypto from a digital wallet to a physical one. Crypto safety is super important and keeping your funds offline helps protect them (just don't forget your private key!). Even if you haven't purchased a wallet yet, you can learn the fundamentals and best practices to prep for crypto security. I'll also be doing a live demo on my personal crypto wallet to transfer my assets from Argent & Coinbase.

Drum roll please - I am STOKED to announce our second meetup of March: Q&A and Giveaway with Zayi Reyes, Head of Partnerships and Marketing at Unstoppable Domains. This company offers personalized domain names, so instead of using a longwinded, confusing wallet address (i.e. xCH9akwoxx29kd...), you can send and receive crypto with shortened addresses like "smile.crypto" or "macc.crypto." Zayi and I will be chatting about UD products and answering any questions you have about blockchain domains. Plus, there will be a $150 giveaway of Unstoppable Domain credits so three lucky winners can purchase a custom domain! Tweet any questions you have for Zayi to @phx_crypto

Meeting Info and RSVP Links:

Hardware Crypto Wallets 101 & Demo

Q&A and Giveaway with Zayi Reyes, Head of Partnerships and Marketing at Unstoppable Domains

Recap of February 2021 Meetups ✨


Talk about a jam-packed month! February had a truly excellent calendar of events with conversations jumping from crypto regulation in Asian countries to sticky HTML headers. Phoenix Crypto is a global community of lawyers, programmers, accountants, students and everything in between - I love it. 🙂 Our first meetup was with Brendan Valentine, a crypto investor and participant with a background in public policy. We talked about all things crypto ranging from NFTs in gaming and art to crypto regulation in the US, Asia and Canada. Feel free to connect with Brendan on LinkedIn and check out his blog post on Alpha Mind Trading here.

Our second meeting of the month was a focus code session with members learning all types of languages, including JavaScript, Python, Solidity (ayyy smart contracts!) and SQL. We had an uber productive time coding, solving problems (shout out to the software engineers who attended) and shooting the sh*t for over an hour. It was an awesome group of smart, curious people, so thank you to everyone who came!

To see a wrap-up of my convo with Brendan, check out the event page and our Google Slides on the Phoenix Crypto Notion Hub.

To the Cryptoverse and Beyond 🚀

This section will share a helpful/outlandish/trendy piece of crypto content that I've come across in my late-night tech binges:

Girl Gone Crypto - YouTube Channel & Tik Tok

Thank you to Laura Shin for introducing me to this crypto infotainer maven! Lea Thompson aka "Girl Gone Crypto" makes educational, creative content about all things crypto including current events, interviews with blockchain experts and quick concept overviews (i.e. hardware wallets, Ethereum 2.0). I listened to the Unchained podcast interview with Lea and watched her 2020 year in review - as soon as I saw Lea dressed in a whale costume as Michael Saylor, I was hooked. If you're still not convinced, Girl Gone Crypto uploaded a video explaining Bitcoin as Galadriel with a Lord of the Rings backdrop (Satoshi Frodomoto). 🤙🏽

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- Mackenzie 🌼