Crypto Courier #3

Hey crypto enthusiasts! Welcome to Crypto Courier #3, the monthly newsletter of the Phoenix Crypto chapter. In this series, I'll be sharing upcoming meetup details, recaps of previous meetings and snazzy snippets of news from the Cryptoverse.

February 2021: A Meetup Bonanza 🍌


We have two upcoming meetings scheduled for February, so mark your calendars! On February 11, we'll be chatting with Brendan Valentine, a long-time crypto investor and participant. With his unique insights and deep market knowledge, Brendan is an awesome resource both for newcomers and veterans in the crypto space. Come prepared with questions or submit them in advance to

Our second meeting will be a ~chill~ coffee and code session. We'll all hang out, meet each other and go into a focus coding session for 45 minutes. At the end of our time, we'll debrief our progress and show off our projects - this is also a great time to ask coding questions to the group. Feel free to bring your beverage of choice since this is an evening event (unless you're trying to get wired on cold brew!).

Meeting Info and RSVP Links:
Q&A with Brendan V, Crypto Investor and Participant
Coffee and Code with Phoenix Crypto

See you all soon!

Recap of January 2021 Meetups ✨


We had an awesome calendar of Phoenix Crypto meetups in January. From interviewing Kenton, a zesty crypto professional at MakerDao, to learning how to code blockchain tech in Python, our chapter members 10x-ed in their crypto knowledge. We had lawyers interested in smart contract implications, a software engineer at Facebook and countless other crypto enthusiasts join - our community is steadily growing, so thank you to everyone who's been a part of it! My personal highlights from the January meetups were:

- Kenton talking about how crypto is like a "brain disease" that infects your cells (So true! "Falling down the crypto rabbit hole" is a common phenomenon)
- Fede, NYC chapter leader, and I talking about scalability and sustainability issues in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems

- One of the meeting participants asking Kenton a great question about smart contract infrastructure in the context of traditional law, tokenization of LLC interests and the LAO, the limited liability decentralized autonomous organization (Phew! That's a mouthful)

Check out the video recordings from our meeting with Kenton and our blockchain Python demo.

To the Cryptoverse and Beyond 🚀

This section will share a helpful/outlandish/trendy piece of crypto content that I've come across in my late-night tech binges:

The Rise of Bitcoin and Other Stupid Meme Currencies 


Sorry, I had to! It's been a GameStop stock and Dogecoin frenzy the last few days, and Fede sent me this hilarious video that Ronny Chieng aired on the Daily Show. My favorite quote from the clip - "Does everyone in cryptocurrencies talk like you? Everyone just going 'decentralized, dark web, drugs blah blahh online.'"

To better understand the retail investor hullaballoo that's happening across Robinhood, WallStreetBets, and Coinbase, I recommend this WSJ article that explains in highfalutin language the origin of the Doge meme and Elon Musk as a meme turned market maker.

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