Crypto Courier #1

Hey crypto enthusiasts! Welcome to the first monthly newsletter of the Phoenix Crypto chapter. In this series, I'll be sharing upcoming meeting topics, recaps of previous meetings and snazzy snippets of news from the Cryptoverse. Welcome to the club!

Meeting #2: Thursday, December 17 at 4 pm MST 

Our second ever chapter meeting is this Thursday! We'll be exploring and discussing ways to get into crypto for non CS (aka nontechnical) people. And what do I mean by that? Basically, I'll be sharing some resources like YouTube videos, books, podcasts, Twitter accounts and technical courses I've found helpful during my crypto journey. The crypto space is weird with many new concepts and confusing jargon. This meeting will help you find some solid educational ground when diving into crypto, whether that be investing casually in Bitcoin or building an Ethereum DApp.

Have any cool crypto resources you're constantly using? Please share them at our meeting!

Meeting info and RSVP link:
Getting into Crypto for Nontechnical People | Codecademy

Recap of Meeting #1 

Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural Phoenix Crypto meeting! I'll admit, there were some technical difficulties that kept me in awkotaco presenter mode - but no fear, the kinks are all figured out now. At this meeting, I discussed our chapter mission, goals and values and the general layout for each meeting.

- meetings will be held twice a month on Thursday evenings
- chapter members get to vote on what meeting topics they want to see

- monthly meeting content will include one technical and one nontechnical topic

Have a potential meeting idea? Submit it HERE or reach out to me directly at
Peep the Google slides and video recording from meeting #1. 

To the Cryptoverse and Beyond 

As promised, this section will share a helpful/outlandish/trendy piece of crypto content that I've come across in my late-night tech binges:

Would the STABLE Act Make Running an Ethereum Node Illegal?

Of course, government officials are blindly trying to regulate Ethereum stablecoins and full nodes on the network. The new act "appears to require any blockchain that runs stablecoin code to be licensed." Okay 🤷🏻‍♀️

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- Mackenzie