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Hello and welcome to the Albuquerque chapter! We are a group of web developers/programmers/UI designers...lets just say if you have questions someone here will be able to help or point you in the right directon. Speaking of questions we pride ourselves on asking them no matter how big or small. We believe ideas can grow into wonderful programs, businesses etc so we encourage communication and a sense of community in the 505 chapter.


The meetings are typically twice a month (every other week) but can change depending on topic, if we have a guest speaker or community demand. 


Q: Do I need to live in Albuquerque or New Mexico to join?

A: Heck no! We encourage people from all over the world to join and ask questions or team up for group projects.

Q: What if I have zero or little knowledge of HTML or Programming?

A: Look no further, you can relax knowing or chapter is extremely easy going and eager to help anyone regardless of skill level.

Q: Is the Albuquerque chapter looking for leaders for each language/HTML?

A: Heck Yes! We would love to have dedicated players for each language willing to chat it up on discord when need be.

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